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LEMANIA 192H Military / WWII Manual Wind (Swiss Army, Soldat de Saint-George, 1939-1945)

For sale is a rare and historically significant watch engraved with “Saint-George à ses soldats, Charles Berseth, 1939-1945”. This timepiece stands as a testament to the resilience and bravery of soldiers during World War II, with the dedication possibly indicating a gift or commemoration by or for Charles Berseth during those turbulent years. A piece not only of horological interest but also of historical value, this watch will undoubtedly be the crown jewel for collectors who appreciate the intertwined stories of wartime Europe and timekeeping.
Lemania is a renowned Swiss watch manufacturer that has been an influential contributor to the world of horology since its establishment in 1883. During World War II, Lemania produced wrist chronographs for various military forces, most notably for the British Royal Navy, which became famous as the “Lemania Royal Navy Chronograph.” These rugged and precise timepieces played a crucial role in naval operations and are now highly sought after by collectors.
This watch have been recently serviced and revised. While it bears some typical scratches, it keeps ticking perfectly!
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